Leon Amadeus Varga
About Me
"I am a recent PhD graduate in computer science, with expertise in computer vision and robotics, specifically in hyperspectral imaging. My motivation lies in continual learning and the automation of processes. Seeking research positions to explore new challenges and push the boundaries of computer science."
Work Experience

June 2020 - September 2023
University of Tübingen - Chair Cognitive Systems, Tübingen, Germany as PhD student
  • Research on computer vision for robotics and hyperspectral imaging (PyTorch).
  • Designed and constructed hyperspectral laboratory systems.
  • Prototyped a drone-embedded object detection pipeline using Nvidia Xavier.
  • Established the maritime Search&Rescue benchmark SeaDronesSee.
  • Scientific reviewer for conferences and journals (e.g., WACV, IEEE TIP, and IJCNN).
  • Taught a lab course on mobile robots (ROS and C++).
  • Technical lead for GPU computing systems, GitLab, and drone-related projects.
August 2018 - March 2020
LuxFlux GmbH, Reutlingen, Germany as Software Engineer (Student Trainee)
  • Driver developement for hyperspectral and GigE cameras (C++/C)
  • Prototyping on embedded platforms (Nvidia TX2)
October 2012 - September 2017
FNT GmbH, Ellwangen, Germany as Software Developer / Architect
  • Full-stack developer with focus on front end (Flash, Java, SQL)
  • Introducing a new technolgy stack (Typescript, Angular, JEE)

Hyperspectral Imaging
Wavelength-aware 2D Convolutions for Hyperspectral Imaging Leon Amadeus Varga, Martin Messmer, Nuri Benbarka and Andreas Zell IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2023 [cvf] [github]

Measuring the Ripeness of Fruit with Hyperspectral Imaging and Deep Learning Leon Amadeus Varga, Jan Makowski and Andreas Zell IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) 2021 [ieee] [arXiv] [github]

Self-supervised Pretraining for Hyperspectral Classification of Fruit Ripeness Leon Amadeus Varga*, Hannah Frank* and Andreas Zell Optical Characterization of Materials (OCM) 2023 [kitOpen] [github]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
SeaDronesSee: A Maritime Benchmark for Detecting Humans in Open Water Leon Amadeus Varga*, Benjamin Kiefer*, Martin Messmer* and Andreas Zell IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2022 [cvf] [website]

Tackling the Background Bias in Sparse Object Detection via Cropped Windows Leon Amadeus Varga and Andreas Zell IEEE/CVF International Convference on Computer Vision (ICCV) Workshop Vision Meets Drones 2021 [cvf] [github]

Comprehensive Analysis of the Object Detection Pipeline on UAVs Leon Amadeus Varga, Sebastian Koch and Andreas Zell MDPI Remote Sensing Journal [mdpi] [github]
*: shared contribution
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June 2020 - September 2023
Ph.D. in Computer Science - University of Tübingen - Chair Cognitive Systems
Research topic: Computer Vision, Hyperspectral Imaging, Drones, Deep Learning

October 2017 - April 2020
M.Sc. in Computer Science - University of Tübingen
Master Thesis: 'Measure ripeness of fruits by using hyperspectral cameras and deep neuronal networks'
Research Project: 'Introduce sparse information processing in a dense grid by using REPRISE'
Final grade: 1.3

October 2012 - September 2015
B.Eng. in Technical Computer Science - University of Cooperative Education (DHBW Heidenheim)
Bachelor Thesis: 'Development of a query language for the retrieval of service management data'
Research Project: 'Optimizing network topologies using genetic algorithms'
Final grade: 1.6

2003 - Juni 2012
Max-Planck-Gymnasium, Heidenheim
School club: Schüler-Ingenieur-Akademie (SIA) and participating in Jugend Forscht
Tutoring in mathematics
Final grade: good with prize in physics and computer science

1999 - 2003
Heckentalschule, Heidenheim

LinkedIn: leon-varga-ai
GitHub: leonvarga
E-Mail: leon(at)varga.host